Connected Minds    30”x20”  300lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper

http://patriciaoblack.com   www.ugallery.com/patricia-oblack

Original Artwork by: Patricia Oblack

  Available from UGallery: This abstract work presents various shades of light & dark by way of its color selections & blending. These layers & colors are achieved from the palette knives flat surfaces & sharp edges. Every painting has a Voice, inspired by the music played during creation. The Voice of this piece is:  Cold Play CD’s: Parachutes 2000 & X&Y 2005  Painted surface is varnished.


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My next workshop is July 26th 9-5pm at my Agoura Hills CA studio. Sign up at www.bit.ly/Lipking or use the link in my IG profile. (at Jeremy Lipking’s Studio )

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Beautiful white mosaic bathroom.

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Jeune femme cousant, 1892

Paul César Helleu

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